Finding Pepper Project is an initiative of a private nature which is born in the year 2017 and gets its name in honor of a Yorkshire puppy named Pepper. His mom Rocio, who wants to keep Pepper in the memory of the present and future generations after his departure, developed this important effort to provide shelter and food for wild species, through the planting of trees from different regions of Costa Rica.

Rocío and Pepper of Finding Pepper Project

Rocío and Pepper

First tree planted in Pepper's memory


Rocio's Grandma and her friend Nella passed away and these are their stories

Maga gone to heaven on August 16, 2020

Maga is Rocio's grandma, and she was her guide during the childhood, so she will honor her memory by planting oak trees.

Nothing represents her better, a strong and exemplary women.

After Pepper crossed the rainbow bridge, Nella planted a Jacaranda tree without knowing that she would lose his life in a tragic plane crash.

After she left this world, the tree was transplanted at seminary of Costa Rica along with 180 more trees, a donation from Finding Pepper Project.

We thanks Osvaldo who works for Hacienda Pinilla Hotel and was taking care of the tree.


Hacienda Pinilla Hotel


Seminario Nacional Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles