Tree of life Finding Pepper Project

Leave a green paw through reforestation throughout Costa Rica, helping the environment, in collaboration with communities, entities and tourists, national and foreign, who in their activities can plant a tree that will become life.


Volunteers planting trees at La Sabana San José Costa Rica

Harmoniously integrate the ecology and care of the environment with society, incorporating reforestation through a project that was born from the death of a pet and the love of its owner, who seeks to give life in thousands of trees, without borders.


  • Improve green areas and the environment by planting trees.

  • Improve the performance of the watershed, while protecting the soil from erosion.

  • Involve new generations in reforestation as a principle of a charitable activity, from the point of view of the environment.

  • Plant trees that produce positive results for the benefits that are produced and for the environmental services they provide, such as food for different species.