Collaborative partnerships have been established with more than 30 companies dedicated to tourism and some schools in Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica. Destination Services Costa Rica is the main sponsor of this initiative, which includes various companies dedicated to tourism, distributed throughout the country.

The companies that have adhered to this project, promote that their tourists participate planting native trees, which will provide an important ecosystem service, both to the local flora and fauna, as well as to people.

This way, visitants will receive information of first hand about the importance of preserving local biodiversity and will live a beautiful experience, by planting a tree, which when growing, will have a key role to guarantee the life of many species of organisms living in forests and other green areas of the country.

This projects has also the support of several instances in both, the public and private sectors. For example, the selection of the tree species, the sites and dates through the year in which trees should be planted, is responsibility of a volunteer biologist, with broad knowledge on this matter. Many of the trees were donated by the Costarrican Institute of Electricity (ICE for its acronym in Spanish) la Cangreja National Park, CO2 Neutro Tours and private company.

Finding Pepper Project has a subdivision called GREEN ARMY. The Green Army is made up of schools from different areas of Costa Rica, where the tourism entrepreneurs participating in the project, sponsor a Tree Nursery, with organic fertilizers and everything needed for the care and maintenance of the trees rescued from forests, some seeds or those trees that are too small to take their proper size before being taken to the forest. The entire process is supervised by volunteer Forest engineers.

We invite you very cordially to follow the progress of this project through this page. Also, you may find various videos in youtube about the different sites where plantations have already taken place.

Thanks for contributing with a paw of life between trees.

Donation of tree to Centro Educativo San Luis

Donation of Pepper's story books to the studends of Escuela Las Pilas in Alajuela

ACOPROA donated blankets to street dogs

La Cangreja National Park donated trees